Covid 19 Ag Humasis Rapid Test Kit Products 


  • 01 Test tray
  • 01 Filter cap
  • 01 Test tube containing extract
  • 01 Sampling cotton swab

Ingredients in a test tray:

  • Anti-SARS-CoV-2 monoclonal antibody Nucleocapsid.
  • Monoclonal antibody specific to the RBD Spike Protein of SARS-CoV-2.
  • Goat antibodies against mouse IgG.


The device provides initial rapid in vitro diagnosis based on immunochromatographic methods. The device is designed for the qualitative detection of SARS CoV 2 antigens through nasopharyngeal swab samples in people with suspected COVID-19 infection.

Target audience: Can be used by everyone.

There have been no reports of side effects of the product.

How to use

Take sample:

Wash your hands or disinfect them with alcohol.

Open the package containing the swab to collect the sample:

Take the cotton swab contained in the package by holding the cotton-free end of the stick, taking care not to touch the cotton part of the stick.
Insert the cotton tip into the nostril, pushing it towards the ear. Continue to gently push in as deep as possible until you have reached the end.
Swirl the cotton swab 5 times and hold it in place for about 5-10 seconds.
Carefully remove the swab so as not to touch the dipstick end.

Test procedure:

Remove the aluminum bag containing the test device from refrigeration or negative storage and leave at room temperature for approximately 30 minutes until the product has reached room temperature.

Remove the test tray from the aluminum bag and place it on a flat surface.

Shake the test tube downwards to allow the buffer to pool to the bottom before opening the test tube.

Insert the tip of the swab that has just been sampled and swirl the tip more than 10 times to extract enough sample for the test.

Remove the cotton swab from the solution tube. When removing, press the tip of the cotton swab against the wall of the tube or squeeze the tube so that all the solution can be removed from the swab.

Insert the filter cap into the tube, then drop 3 drops of sample extract (90~100uL) into the test tray at the sample drop site.

Wait and read results within 15 minutes of instillation. Do not read results after 20 minutes.

Read the results:

The result is considered negative: If no line appears on the T test line and 1 colored line appears on the C control line.
The result is considered positive: If 2 colored lines appear at the same time next to the T test line and the C control line, or a faint line appears on the T test line and a colored line appears on the C control line .
The test is invalid or invalid if no line appears at the C control line.


Store at 2 degrees C – 30 degrees C.

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